Why a Liver Detox?



If you join our Fasting & Detox program, you will have the opportunity to rehabilitate your Liver (the largest gland in the body) by performing a Liver Flush and taking liver cleansing herbs!

Since the liver is responsible for performing over 500 functions for the body (some of the main functions being listed below), anything that interferes with these functions has a serious and detrimental impact on the health of the liver and the body as a whole.
One of the strongest interference stems from the presence of gallstones.

Functions of the Liver
Breaking down and eliminating toxins
The Liver is the organ of detoxification. When it is not working properly, toxins from both inside and outside the body remain in the system and can cause your immune system to treat them as if they were invading organisms. This can lead to many health problems including inflammation, increased infections and food allergies and sensitivities.
Balancing Blood Sugar:
When your blood sugar levels are high (for example, just after consuming a sugary food / drink) the hormone insulin triggers the liver to store the excess as glycogen. When blood-sugar levels fall, the liver releases glycogen to be turned into glucose (useable energy). If your liver fails in this task, the result is chronic fatigue, sugar cravings, weight gain and, ultimately diabetes.
Producing Bile:
This vital substance helps digestion by breaking down fat and removing excess cholesterol. Without it, cholesterol levels rise and many digestive disorders can result, including weight gain, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), nausea, food allergies and the mal-absorption of nutrients, especially the fat-soluble vitamins.
Storing Nutrients:
The liver stores many essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, copper, vitamins A, B12, D, E & K.
Just about any allergic, inflammatory or metabolic disorder may involve or create impaired liver function.

The Liver Flush
The Liver Flush cleanses the liver bile ducts and gallbladder of gallstones and is one of the most important and effective approaches to improve your health. It restores homeostasis, balances weight and sets the precondition for the body to heal itself.
Gallstones which consist of cholesterol, bile constituents, toxins, bacteria and parasites, accumulate in the liver and gallbladder causing a reduction in bile production, an inability of the liver to remove poisons and toxins from the blood, an elevation of harmful cholesterol and weight gain.

If a gallstone gets stuck in your cystic duct (the vessel than links the common bile duct to your gallbladder) – or in the common bile duct itself, it can cause excruciating pain, throughout the abdomen, in the back and also the legs and arms. If your gallbladder is packed with gallstones, it too may go into extremely painful spasmodic muscle contractions, a condition known as a gallbladder attack! Gallstones can trigger strong reactions or irritation and inflammation of the walls of the gallbladder and the cystic and common bile ducts.
Today, over 20 million Americans suffer gallbladder disease and each year approximately one million of them opt for an expensive gallbladder operation!
During a 7 day (or longer) Fasting & Detox Program, we will be guide you through a comprehensive workshop on the liver and then a liver flush.

The Benefits of a Liver Flush:
• A clean bill of health! If the liver is free of gallstones it can perform its myriad of functions more efficiently.
• Dramatically reduces your risk of gallbladder disease / surgery!
• Improved digestion (which will accelerate your weight loss attempts), Energy & Vitality
• Freedom from pain
• Bright white sparkling eyes! The health of your liver is reflected in your eyes and it is amazing to see the transformation of each guest after their flush!
Please note, as it takes a minimum period of 5 days to prepare the body for the flush, we are unable to offer this procedure to guests joining us for less than 7 days.

“The Liver Flush – for me had fab results too. After about 10 years of abusing my body with Class A drugs and loads of booze, my ‘Liver Stones’ (gallstones) were enormous. So – if you have done anything similar you’ll definitely benefit!”
Heidi (UK)

“As for the Liver Flush…the fun didn’t end – hundreds of gallstones – boulder sized – bigger than you (me too for that matter!) could ever imagine possible…The effect, sparkling white eyes, an amazing abundance of energy and a new lease on life.”
Sandy (UK)