What will you gain?

What You Will Gain

You probably understand how easy it is to be led astray from a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s too much stress, too little sleep, poor diet or not having enough time for yourself. The best way to reset your life is by taking a complete break, removing everyday stimulants; toxins, sugar, caffeine, processed food, drugs, alcohol, work, noise etc… By joining our detox program, you will bring this vicious cycle to a halt, switching your body & mind back to its original factory setting!


You will benefit from over 14 years of experience. By helping hundreds of people, we have created and mastered safe, healing and supportive programs. Any concerns you may have will be allayed throughout your stay.

Stress Free

From the moment you arrive we will meet and greet you, transferring you to our private retreat where you can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you are in a caring and nurturing environment. It will not take long for you to feel completely at home.


Only guests joining one of our programs have access to our facilities, daily classes & treatments. We are completely closed to the public.

Personal Service

Our staff will be understanding of your needs and with warmth & genuine care, they will guide, support and encourage you every step of the way.


Not everyone wishes to disclose their private / personal health issues so we take confidentiality very seriously and will protect and preserve your anonymity.

Location, Location, Location

You will be located away from the busy tourist areas. There are no restaurants / bars / clubs to tempt you and there is no loud music / noise to distract you. In the peace &; tranquility of our retreat, you will be able to completely de-stress, prioritizing your own personal goals.