Ultimate Detox

Ultimate Detox

This program has been designed for people who may have more serious health, weight or emotional concerns OR for those who are seeking long lasting results. It goes far beyond just a physical detox, it’s a life changing experience. It will heal, nurture & inspire you to let go of old patterns of behavior. It will equip you with tools & techniques that you can REALISTICALLY use in your day to day life to achieve a BALANCE of what you want and what you need so that you can protect and preserve your health & well-being without going to extremes.


Fully Inclusive


  • Round Trip Airport transfers
  • Air-conditioned accommodation in one of our SUPERIOR SUITES
  • Initial Wellness Consultation and Health & Lifestyle Assessment
  • 48 page educational workbook entitled “Whole Health”
  • Arrival pack, including colonic & enema kit, tongue scrapper, skin brush & natural toiletries
  • Daily Self-Administered Colonic Irrigation & coffee enema Treatments
  • Daily use of our Pool & Herbal Steam room
  • Daily Guided walks or cycling each morning
  • Daily Yoga classes (60 minutes)
  • Daily Meditation (30 minutes)
  • Use of our Parasite Zapper
  • 2 x Free shuttles to Chiang Mai’s City Centre
  • Daily 120 minute Massage Treatment
  • Educational Workshops on topics such as Nutrition, Liver Function & Parasites!
  • Nutrition Consultation and tailored Meal Plan
  • 5 x Detox drinks per day
  • 1 x Super Nutrition Supplement per day
  • 3 x Kidney Flushing drinks per day
  • 2 x Parasite Killing herbs per day
  • 1 x Coconut Juice per day
  • 1 x Super nutritious Juice per day
  • Unlimited broth (served in the evening)
  • 1 x Liver Flush (for guests staying 7 days or more)
  • Papaya breakfast on the morning of your departure
  • Free WiFi (accessible in your room)
  • Free laundry service
  • Packed lunch for your journey home
  • Help & Guidance throughout your program!

Massage Treatment Package

Day 1: Releasing Massage, focusing on your head, neck, back and shoulders to dissolve the stress and tension you may have accumulated from your travels.

Day 2: Intensive Care Massage, focusing on your lower back, hips, legs and feet.

Day 3: Restorative Massage, take a break from the intensive care massage and relax and restore your body & mind with a luxuriating coconut oil massage.

Day 4: Full Body Thai Massage, using the traditional Thai massage techniques, our expert masseuse will work with their thumbs, palms, forearms, feet & knees to press and stretch your body.

Day 5: Thai Herbal Hot Steam Massage, this will promote a powerful detoxification response, it will improve your circulation, lymphatic drainage, flexibility & mobility.

Day 6: Meditative Massage, prepare your body and mind for the liver flush with this divine aromatherapy massage.

Day 7: Full Body Thai Massage, this will re-balance your body, releasing any remaining toxicity from the liver flush.

 * Joining us for longer than 7 days, we will tailor your 2 hour massages each day thereafter, to suit your individual needs.

A Typical Detox day


Here’s a quick glance at our Ultimate Detox Program schedule which doesn’t reflect how truly magical the whole experience really is!

07.00    Super Nutrition Supplement
07.05    Guided Morning Walk / Cycling around some of Chiang Mai’s beautiful paddy fields / Botanical Gardens / Mae kuang dam / Doi Saket Temple.
09.00    Refreshing Coconut Juice
09.30    Educational workshop / Nutrition Consultation
10.00    Colon Detox Shake
10.30    Self-administered Colonic Irrigation Treatment
12.00    Colon Detox Shake
12.30    Herbal Steaming
13.00    Delicious Watermelon, pineapple & lime Juice, served pool side
13.50    Colon Detox Shake
14.00    Therapeutic Massage Treatment
16.10    Colon Detox Shake
17.00    Yoga & Meditation
19.00    Evening Both
20.00    Colon Cleanse Supplement
20.30    Parasite Zapping
Before Bed Colon Detox Shake

You will also be able to enjoy an array of delicious herbal teas along with our Kidney flushing beverages per day



Ultimate Detox

Superior Suite
7 days 70,000
10 days 94,000
14 days 126,000
21 days 182,000
28 days 238,000


Our Superior Suite

Relax in Our Superior Suite

Our Superior Suite