How can a Detox help with weight loss?


Acids cause weight gain

The body retains fat as protection against the overproduction of acid ash produced by a typical Western diet. Eating too much bread, meat, fizzy drinks, coffee and sugar etc… causes the body to lay down fat to protect itself from the excess acidity. During the detox process your body becomes more alkaline and so the fat is no longer needed. If you maintain a predominantly alkaline forming diet after the detox week, any excess weight will continue to be lost and it makes it much easier to stay at your optimum weight. The ideal balance of acid forming foods to alkaline forming is about 20% : 80%.

Whilst simply fasting (not eating food) triggers weight loss, a comprehensive detox program aids the weight loss process in a myriad of other ways too:

Toxic Synthetic Chemicals make us Fat

Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton links the current fat epidemic to the toxic synthetic chemicals used in agriculture, skin care, cosmetics and household products. Toxic synthetic chemicals are highly fat soluble and when we are exposed to them the body creates fat to safely store those toxins it cannot process and eliminate safely. Carbamates, a group of insecticides and herbicides used in the growing of food, cosmetic and medicinal ingredients, are also used as growth promoters in battery-farm situations because they slow down the metabolic rate. So, the same synthetic chemicals used on our fruit and vegetables are used to fatten livestock! Carbamates are also used in medicine to promote weight gain in humans.

People are not overweight simply through their own lack of effort, such as exercise. The truth is that the finger of blame must also be pointed at toxic chemicals. It is known that toxic chemicals, even when present in very small amounts, directly damage muscles and disrupt the hormones that control their growth. Joining our detox program will therefore help you to eliminate these chemicals and will repair any damage they may have caused.

Sluggish bowel

. A sluggish or congested bowel can increase the fat load in the body. For example, constipation causes fat to be absorbed from the bowel and taken into the body rather than out of the body. A detox program that includes colon and liver cleansing can restore bowel health and the right balance of intestinal flora, plus liver function is greatly improved. If your liver is not working well, then your body’s fat metabolism is not going to be working well either.

Poor Liver Function

Your liver is responsible for producing bile and you need bile to break down fatty foods and remove cholesterol. If your liver / gallbladder is congested with gallstones, the liver’s ability to make, store and release bile can be inhibited. By cleansing the liver and gallbladder of gallstones, you will dramatically improve your liver function and your digestive system, achieving great weight loss results during the program and when you return home.

Poor digestion

If your digestion is sluggish or inefficient you could be carrying around several pounds (if not kilos) of impacted waste matter! This can cause a greater toxic load on the body and leave you feeling tired, sluggish and overweight. Eating foods such as sugar, refined carbohydrates and saturated fats which are not completely digested causes them to be stored in the body as fat.

Metabolic reasons

Eating processed foods and high levels of saturated fat can hugely affect your metabolic rate. The documentary film by Morgan Spurlock called ‘Supersize Me’ showed just how easily and quickly the body can gain weight and become very ill on a diet of fast food. Removing these types of foods from your diet helps to increase your metabolic rate and therefore helps you to burn fat at a faster rate.

During our detox program you will break your unhealthy habits and will stop the cravings so that you will return home feeling able to exercise control over what you eat! Your body will be more in tune with its natural desires rather than being a slave to addiction!

Biochemical reasons for weight gain

‘Fake foods’ such as caffeine, food additives, sugar and artificial sweeteners add to the body’s toxic load. They do not ‘feed’ the body in terms of nutrition, they just act as a temporary filler so your body still sends out signals to eat! These ‘fake foods’ act as stimulants causing a blood sugar high, then a low, even after a large meal. This drop in blood sugar causes people to keep eating even after the meal to try to stop that hungry feeling.

Diet foods. Low calorie, no calorie, fat free foods etc… damage the body’s ability to distinguish between high and low calorie foods and thus it becomes unable to properly regulate intake. And beware, in many cases, a low fat or no fat product will have a high sugar content, which if not used for energy will be laid down as fat.

Low thyroid function

The thyroid gland regulates the body’s metabolism, which is the rate at which the food is processed and used by the body. If your thyroid is under functioning, one of the noticeable symptoms is weight gain. To test your thyroid, take your waking temperature for 6 days in a row at the same time each day. (If menstruating, start on the 2nd day of your period.) Your temperature should be between 97.8 and 98.2 for normal thyroid function. Below 97.8 = low thyroid. Foods which help to balance thyroid function include seaweed, dulse, nori and kelp or a kelp supplement.

Lack of exercise can cause weight gain

Something you may not know is that muscle burns calories faster than fat, even while you are asleep! Therefore, taking regular exercise raises your metabolic rate and keeps it working at a higher level, which in turn means the body burns off more fat. During your program with us, you can join our morning walks, cycling, yoga & swimming which will help you kick-start a new healthy exercise routine.

Emotional, Comfort Eating and weight gain

For many people, eating is a way of suppressing unwanted emotions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work because it is a never-ending process of avoiding feelings and eating to suppress them. Sometimes we aren’t aware of what the feelings are. However, for weight loss to be permanent it is important to look at your emotional self and heal past hurts and sadness, so that you can be at peace with the past.

Eating out of boredom or loneliness or eating food that represents love is also a common cause of weight gain; so too is eating unconsciously – for example whilst watching television or working at your desk. After our detox program, you will become mindful of what you are eating, how much you are eating and why you are eating. You will be able to identify whether you are truly hungry or just responding to an emotion!


Microscopic and multiply celled organisms that invade your body will be feeding off what you eat. They can also trigger fatigue and cravings. You will eat more and more but unfortunately, they will gain the benefit, leaving you with the scraps. This in turn perpetuates a vicious cycle of over-eating (usually sweet surgery foods) and fatigue which in turn can trigger weight gain, dis-interest and lethargy. Our Parasite Killing program will help you to rid your body of these invaders and your mental and physical health / weight will transform.

During our Detox Retreats people regularly lose 7-14lb (3.2-6.4kg) in one week. This weight loss is a combination of fat loss and the removal of impacted waste matter from the colon.

Far more than this, your digestive system will work like a fine tuned engine, helping you to more efficiently digest & absorb your food. Plus, you will have broken old habits and your
cravings will be a thing of the past!