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“Breathe in peace, breathe out stress. Relaxing can bring relief to much of what ails you. In our stressful and often negative world, your decision to make relaxing a priority will help you navigate, handle, and minimize stress”

My husband, Gee and I (Kim) opened our first detox retreat in Koh Samui over 16 years ago and what started as a humble beginning (a 4 bungalow retreat) quickly grew in size and reputation provoking the creation of our second retreat – Chiang Mai Detox in the North of Thailand.

Our passion for helping people continues to grow as we witness each guest’s transformation. We love to guide, support and inspire people to reap the powerful rewards of detox. We offer a small, nurturing environment which feels as comfortable as home minus the housework!

Fasting takes you on an incredible journey of discovery and every day is unique; you be surprised by how easy it is to go without food, amazed to witness what comes out of your body, and inspired to take better care of yourself! We will alleviate all of your worries and concerns by explaining EVERY element of the detox process to you in detail. You will then transition through each step of your journey with confidence, knowledge and reassurance that you are in safe and capable hands. You will be in a secluded haven; removed from distraction and temptation and with our support, you will reach your final destination feeling refreshed, re-energized and proud of your new body and relaxed state of mind.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you prioritize your health and mental wellbeing. By stepping away from the pressure and demands of your life, you can delve into the route cause of your concerns. You will pull off the band-aid and regain clarity and confidence in who YOU are and what it is YOU want.

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Come experience the secrets of relaxation.

Our Philosophy

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Courtesy Airport Pick-up

Your Journey begins with our Courtesy Airport Pick-Up. We meet you at Chiang Mai Airport, our experienced driver will bring you to us in our air-conditioned vechicle.